Ferat s/w ser

Code: 110
Brand: Mr. Blade
Category: Tactical Knife
Blade Edge: Serrated
Blade Length (mm): 89-102
Blade Style: Spear-point blade
Handle Material: G-10 Black
Blade material: D2
Weight (gram): 120
Thickness blade (mm): 4
? Blade Length (mm): 89

High tech and concise, sparkling and modern, progressive design and high-quality components – all this are Ferat.  Attention to small details will reveal that real pro team was working hard on this model.

Dagger blade shape with false blade predetermines high penetration ability.  Additional lateral stiffness achieved by fuller.  For cutting perfection with thick enough blade hollow grind is used, providing an absolute control over the cut.  Opening is enhanced with ball bearing, making the opening a snap.  The handle has a powerful 2.2 mm (0.087”) frame with two pointers serving as a glass braker.  Additional safety is provided by liner lock, eliminating closing of the blade under load.